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ISEO R11 / R50 euro cylinders

Leeds Lock Centre recommends ISEO euro cylinders for applications where keyed alike, suited or master keyed cylinders are required along with a high level of key security. They're particularly suited to any large or complex buildings, such as student halls of residence, office blocks, hospitals, hotels, police stations, sheltered accommodation, rented properties and the like. No wonder they're known as the "landlord's favourite".

ISEO R50 euro cylinders with secure master key features

Leeds Lock Centre uses ISEO R11 / R50 euro cylinders because of:

  • Reliability - ISEO R11 and R50 euro cylinders are made in Italy using CNC machinery which provides a high degree of dimensional accuracy, and ensures a quality product at all times.
  • Range - An extensive range of sizes are available, many of which are kept in stock.
  • Security - The ISEO R11 and R50 cylinders have an 11 pin flat key system with anti drill protection in both the cylinder body and the plug. They also offer effective protection against unauthorised duplication of keys.
  • Keying Options - A large number of key variations obtained from three separate levels of pins gives the R11 and R50 over 1 million effective key differs. This high number of differs helps where extremely complex master keying is needed. For example, 200 sub-master key suites can be obtained under a single master key. Extra and replacement keys are only available with the correct level of authority. All ISEO R11 and R50 cylinders are supplied with nickel silver 3mm flat keys, which give an increased level of strength and durability.

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